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Director’s letter

A Director of kit CTRI Dong-sung Kim
kit CTRI has been striving for cultivating talent, performing fundamental and applied research, and supporting regional industry.
Based on our high capacity for research and education thanks to vitalization of 13 unit research institutes, we have been taking initiative in transfer R&D outcomes from Gumi industrial complex and universities to industry to create added value. We are well aware of our role and mission in the era of ‘Creative Economy’ to contribute to nation’s economy growth and improvement of people’s quality of life.
Companies are able to achieve constant innovation via utilization of technical capability and human resource of universities and universities can enhance their capability of education and research via collaboration with companies. In addition, kit CTRI is committed to becoming a center of talent cultivation to secure competitiveness of regional industry and the nation in knowledge based society.

E-mail : dskim@kumoh.ac.kr Tel : 054-478-6704

Homepage : ctri.kumoh.ac.kr, ict.kumoh.ac.kr