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Although domestic IT industry is giving great contribution to nation’s economy in aspects of industrial growth rate, its proportion in GDP, and trade balance, it has high dependence on main items such as mobile phone, semi-conduct, display, etc, parts still have high reliance from overseas, and there are insufficient source technologies in the industry.

It is estimated that the industry will lead global market with its new technologies over the next 10 years. Accordingly, There is increasing requirements for independence of IT technology by retaining the competitiveness and securing source technologies.

IT Defense Technology Research Institute
IT defense technology for leading industry in Taegu-Gyeongbuk.
Defend the nation as well as local economy.

We are committed to becoming a leader of academic and industrial development through engineering research and development of state-of-the-art technologies for IT defense technology which is the nation’s future growth engine and industry led by Taegu- Gyeongbuk economic region, contributing to the region’s IT defense project and cultivation of specialized man power.

Key activities
  • Fundamental research on defense network
  • Develop key parts and military defense products
  • Create environment for study on IT defense technology
  • Promote IT - defense related industries

Mobile Research Institute
Converged and evolving mobile is contacting with USN, broadcasting and telematics.

Mobile industry used to be focusing on voice communication but is now providing added service with data and video communication as entering into informatization era in the 21st century and new creativity industry is being cultivated and promoted via convergence with multi-media, USN, broadcasting, Telematics, etc. The mobile research Institute was established on June 2006 to support development of Gumi industry complex and mobile industry and promote new creativity industry.

Key activities
  • Conduct technology demand research and long-mid term development projects on behalf of related companies
  • Develop key technologies for the next generation mobile
  • Build up collaboration system among mobile research Institute-related companies- related research Institutes
  • Discover and support leading companies with key capability
  • Conduct R&D projects
  • Transfer the next generation key technologies to business and entice companies to produce state-of-the-art mobile products
  • Incubating small-medium* venture startup and training experts