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Display industry as high value added industry can be counted optimal area in our conditions in which human resource is the only the competitiveness since there is no natural resources.
In 21st century, the era of information, importance of display is increasing in overall industry structure, and in accordance with development of industry and technologies such as mechatronics industry which combining electronics and machinery, it is estimated that the industry can continuously create future domestic/international market.

Display Research Institute
The region’s base industry, display.
Creating value via exchange and convergence.

The center was established in 2006 to promote display industry in Gumi and contribute to domestic/international display industry by conducting R&D on basic and applied technologies of display and VLSI via collaboration with government Institutes, universities, research Institutes, and businesses.

Key activities
  • Provide base for innovative technology via networking with business and research Institutes
  • Implement facilities for joint research and test production
  • Perform research on display part material and equipment
  • Other projects complied with the objectives of the center

Digital TV Research Institute
Study on state-of-the-art digital image device Challenge the culture beyond study and industry

The center is committed to contributing to academic progress via study on the next generation digital TV and imaging device, leading development of digital TV and image device industry via academic- industrial cooperation , and fostering expertized talent.

Key activities
  • Research on the next generation digital TV and imaging device
  • Develop new technology via academic- industrial cooperation Service for environment
  • Conduct researches consigned from industry and other external organizations, and provide technological consulting
  • Long/short term technical training and seminar for business
  • Publish research journal and activity report
  • Other projects complied with objectives of the research Institutes