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Basic science

Even though emergence science is emerged as main trend, emergence technologies cannot be developed without foundation of basic science. Therefore, it is urgent for the nation to discover projects for promoting basic science. Being based on this, schools need to have competitiveness to win project in association with companies by carrying out the basic and convergence science projects.
To prevent the effort on basic science from becoming sand castle, it is high time to pay attention on projects to foster basic science research in university so that it can be efficiently rooted and make achievements. It is time to put more wisdom to promote basic science within applied science.

Basic Science Research Institute
Put stepping stone for applied science & industry

The center was established in April 1996 to promote interdisciplinary research and support development of applied technologies in the university and industry complex by utilizing the university’s researchers in basic science areas such as math, physics, chemistry, etc.

Key activities
  • Support basic science required for engineering research
  • Academic conference and basic science seminar for non-expert
  • Publish research journal

Production Technology Research Institute
Study on scientific and technological subjects which are foundation of technological development.

The center has been established on March 1980 to study on scientific and technological subjects in rapidly changing industrial society by using high quality human resource and facilities and meet demands from local industry and community.

Key activities
  • Basic and applied research required for development of science and technology
  • Conduct researches consigned from industry and other external organizations, and provide technological consulting and service
  • Provide technological training and improve technical materials
  • Conduct internal research projects
  • Publish research Institutes journal
  • Host academic forum and training course