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Medical Device

Medical instrument industry
As there is increasing aging population and growing interest on health and wellbeing, the importance of medical instrument is being emphasized as high value added industry. While health and medical industry is being rapidly globalized, fostering medical instrument industry in combination with domestic IT technologies will be great advantage in obtaining international competitiveness.
We have pointed out that enhancement of competitiveness in domestic medical instrument industry requires consistent investment including on-going investment on R&D, fostering medium and large enterprises, fostering specialists. It is time to invest on R&D in selected areas, develop the world leading products, and expand scale in specialized areas in order to improve international competitiveness.

Advanced Medical Device Research Institute
State-of-the-art medical instrument with IT convergence technology. Anticipate approaching aging society.

We are committed to becoming a leader of academic and industrial development through engineering research and development of state-of-the-art technologies for IT convergence medical instrument which is the nation’s future growth engine and industry led by Taegu- Gyeongbuk economic region, contributing to the region’s medical industry complex project and cultivation of specialized man power.

Key activities
  • R&D on IT convergence medical instrument
  • Networking and industry cluster operation project
  • Support commercialization of IT convergence medical instrument