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ICT Convergence Research Center

ICT Convergence Research Center
ICT talent becomes a leader in global ICT convergence industry

The center has been selected for ‘Creativity ICT convergence talent cultivation project’ hosted by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and National IT Industry Promotion Agency to foster top notch researchers who lead the ICT convergence industry in Gumi industrial complex.

Key activities
  • 1st sub-project : develop real time communication network based wearable SoC/SW platform
  • 2nd sub-project : Develop capsule type endoscope, nano complex and bio-sensor
  • 3rd sub-project : Develop ICT based new energy storage/conversion materials
  • 4th sub-project : Real time communication network integration technology for military mobile device
  • 5th sub-project : Develop wireless mash technology for real time video surveillance